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Health, Wellness & Inclusion

Artificial intelligence to support the most updated concepts of health and related areas.


New approaches in Health evolve towards personalized medicine, patient-centered medicine and wellness and inclusion are becoming important fields on top of the traditional approaches were main focus was symptomatic treatments. In this new scenario ICT technologies and specially Artificial Intelligence and Data Science play a central role and IDEAI has long experience in all those fields. The area Heath, Wellness and Social Inclusion of IDEAI is in charge of all kind of projects aiming to contribute to a better understanding of factors that allow improvements and development in health, wellness and social inclusion regarding either the efficiency, adaptability or reactivity of the systems. A group of IDEAI researchers with long experience in different health domains, from mental health to rehabilitation, including healthy life styles or diagnoses works to extract relevant knowledge from data, images, text or videos to better understand the underlying complexity of health, wellness or inclusion, and contributes to build assistive technologies, intelligent recommenders or predictive models in the field.


Contact (Health and Wellness)

Name: Karina Gibert Oliveras


Karina's homepage:


Contact (Social inclusion)

Name: Alfredo Vellido Alcacena


Alfredo's homepage:

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