DonesCOEINF confirms the success of the "Women and IT professions" cycle of conferences

Jan 14, 2020

Last December 13th the COEINF held a closing session for the cycle of conferences "Women and IT professions"

The COEINF has recently confirmed the success of both, the cycle of conferences around the topic "Women and IT professions" and the closing session which was held last December 13th.

As a summary, around 70 assistants were present in the closing session. The session was divided into three parts: the first part was a talk given by Mrs Lucia Lo Bello acting as keynote speaker; the second part consisted in a round table titled "Technology and woman: a new and global vision", where two IDEAI women members participated: Karina Gibert, as moderator, and Nuria Castell. Finally, the third last part consisted of networking activity.

More information can be found on the COEINF website.