Women and IT professions

The third and last conference in the cycle focused on Women and Regulated Professions has been held last December 13th. Two IDEAI female members participated in it.

The "Comissió de Dones i Igualtat de L’Associació Intercol·legial de Col·legis Professionals" organised a cycle of conferences focused on Women and Regulated Professions. From IDEAI, Karina Gibert and Nuria Castell participated in organising the conference "Women and IT professions". This third workshop closed the cycle.

Some of the relevant conclusions that were discussed in the round table were that there are still few women in the IT sector and it is necessary to increase their presence. It also seemed necessary to achieve more visibility to relevant women in the sector to attract young women to study technical careers.

More information can be found in the "Dones en Xarxa" website.