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WiE Forum - ETFA2019

Karina Gibert keynote to the Women in Engineering Forum of the IEEE ETFA2019 Congress
WiE Forum - ETFA2019

Karina Gilbert, secretary of IDEAI-UPC, will give a keynote speech entitled "Deployment of territorial structures to reduce gender gap in technology. Some real cases in Catalonia" in the Women in Engineering Forum of the ETFA2019 Congress, sponsored by IEEE. 

This forum aims to address the aspects that hinder women's presence in engineering, meaning both their numerosity and the relevance of the positions that women can reach during their career. Addressing mainly the areas related to engineering and industrial electronics by analyzing the reactions of specific actions that have been already taken to break those barriers, starting from the initial stages in education, primary, secondary education and to make attractive University careers.

The Forum is a meeting point to discuss the current problems on Women in Engineering and to plan initiatives to promote inclusion and gender diversity in the workplace in general, and especially in fields traditionally dominated by men.


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