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Healthcare workshop

Alfredo Vellido participated in the Workshop on the impact of AI in healthcare
Healthcare workshop

On July 5, Alfredo Vellido (member of the IDEAI-UPC center and the SOCO group) gave a speech at the Workshop on the impact of artificial intelligence in healthcare that took place in the Auditorium of the Roc Boronat building of the UPF. 

The objective of this workshop is to advance the scientific understanding of machine learning related to health care and study the impact of algorithms on humans, focusing on clinical decision-making. The workshop aims to be a forum to discuss the main problems to tackle when creating algorithms to analyze clinical data and also implementation challenges, such as which interaction paradigms we should use, or the competences medical doctors should have.

Alfredo talked about the explainability and interpretability of artificial intelligence systems applied to healthcare and medical practice, as well as the importance of ethics, privacy and legislation. 


You can watch his full presentation here: