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Collaboration with CaixaBank
Virtual assistant for CaixaBank's employees
Awarded four ICT engineers from the UPC
Karina Gibert, Laura Martínez, Sundus Ishaque and Teresa Serra have been recognized with the 2018 Women's ICT Awards.
An IDEAI tutorial opens the MultiMedia Modelling Conference 2019
Xavier Giro-i-Nieto reviewed the latest trends on multimodal deep learning
European leaders in Artificial Intelligence meet at UPC in Barcelona to promote the use of this technology in the EU
On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, January 9, 10 and 11, almost 80 European Union organisations, including 60 leading research centers, gather at the Auditorium of the Vèrtex Building of the UPC, to kick off the European project AI4EU, the acronym for "Artificial Intelligence for the European Union". The project, which is financed to the tune of 20 million euros by the European Commission, includes 79 partners from 21 countries participate, among them 60 leading research centres, including the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC) and the UPC, which organize the encounter.
IDEAI becomes a member of ACIA
IDEAI participates in DIALCAT
DIALCAT is an EU-funded project that aims to prevent Alzheimer's disease in patients with diabetes
Artificial Intelligence to improve the life quality of Alzheimer's patients
The UPC coordinates the European eHealth research project CaregiversPRO-MMD, under which a virtual health platform has been created to support both Alzheimer patients and their caregivers and health professionals.
Social Robotics Week
The director of IDEAI discussed the role that robotics will play in the smart city of the future
Linking science and performing arts in a radio program
A group of UPC faculty members, including the director of IDEAI, will participate in a radio program called 'Això és un drama' (This is a drama). The program will bring science and technology closer to the general public, and its application in the arts of the show.
An IDEAI researcher has received a 2018 Google Faculty Research Award
Marta Ruiz Costa-Jussà, a researcher from the IDEAI-UPC, has been selected by the 2018 Google Faculty Research Awards.
Official inauguration of IDEAI-UPC
On Wednesday 3rd of April, the IDEAI-UPC Research Center will be inaugurated. The ceremony will be held at 11a.m. in the Aula Màster of Campus Nord, UPC and will be free and open to the public.
Impact of the IDEAI-UPC inauguration
Collection of photos and press list of the inauguration of the IDEAI-UPC Research Center that took place on Wednesday 3rd of April in the Aula Màster of Campus Nord, UPC
Workshop dedicated to women
Karina Gibert and three speakers more discussed the use of Open Data
Barcelona Black Coffee
Karina Gibert participated in a radio program about the basics of AI
Best paper award in a workshop of CVPR19
Researchers from IDEAI-UPC awarded with the best paper award in the DeepVision workshop of CVPR19
IA & BigData workshop
A technological workshop to identify use cases for AI and BigData
Debate on ethics and AI
Karina Gilbert participated in a debate on ethics and AI organised by Barcelona Dot
WSOM+ 2019
The IDEAI-UPC Research Center hosted the 13th WSOM+ conference
Master SST-UPC
Karina Gibert participated in the promotional video of the Master in Sustainability Science and Technology at the UPC
Healthcare workshop
Alfredo Vellido participated in the Workshop on the impact of AI in healthcare
WiE Forum - ETFA2019
Karina Gibert keynote to the Women in Engineering Forum of the IEEE ETFA2019 Congress
Digital Government Congress 2019
Alfredo Vellido participated in a debate on how public services of the 21st century should be at DGC19
Women's ICT awards 2019
On Tuesday, October 8th, the gala of the women's ICT awards will take place
Data Council Barcelona 2019
Karina Gibert invited to give a talk at the Data Council Barcelona 2019
COEINF joins HackUPC
COEINF becomes a partner of HackUPC
Karina Gibert participated in a debate on ethics and limits in AI
SheLeader Talk
Karina Gibert invited to give a talk on ethics and AI at an online event
STEM Women Congress 2019
A new event to empower women in STEM in Barcelona
Philosophy and Science fiction
Cecilio Angulo invited to talk in Barcelona Pensa festival
Artificial Intelligence: Statistical and causal organizing principles of intelligence
Prof. Dr. Bernhard Schölkopf gives a conference in CCCB about AI