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Keynote speech in ICAIH 2019
Alfredo Vellido has been invited to give a keynote speech in Industrial Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Health (ICAIH 2019)
Learning efficient representations for image and video understandinga
Image Processing Group has organised a talk given by Yannis Kalantidis (formerly in Facebook AI Menlo Park).
Gavius, a virtual assistant for the public administration
On November 15th Gavius project was presented, where IDEAI participates. The project is aimed to build a virtual assistant to support the public administration
Women and IT professions
Two IDEAI female members participate in the organisation of the workshop Women and ICT professions, organised by "Comissió de Dones i Igualtat de L’Associació Intercol·legial de Col·legis Professionals".
Roundtable on "Changing Relationship between AI and Humans"
Carme Torras is participating today in the roundtable "Changing Relationship between AI and Humans" organised by UNESCO.
Women and IT professions
The third and last conference in the cycle focused on Women and Regulated Professions has been held last December 13th. Two IDEAI female members participated in it.
Deep Learning Barcelona Symposium 2019
Xavier Giró-Nieto, a member of IDEAI, and his team are actively participating in the Deep Learning Symposium that is being held in Barcelona this December 19th
Innovation Day - UPC Barcelona Tech
Cecilio Angulo, director of the IDEAI group, will participate as a speaker in the Innovation Day organised by UPC Barcelona Tech.
Reinforced active learning for image segmentation
Arantxa Casanova will talk about her recent paper on Reinforced active learning for image segmentation, accepted in ICLR2020
SmartCatalonia Congress
Alfredo Vellido will be giving the talk "AI for cities" in the SmartCatalonia Congress (January 23rd)
DonesCOEINF confirms the success of the "Women and IT professions" cycle of conferences
Last December 13th the COEINF held a closing session for the cycle of conferences "Women and IT professions"
The National Network IAbiomed has been born
Karina Gibert, as IDEAI member, has participated in the creation of AIbiomed, a National Network focused on AI and biomedicine.
Artificial Intelligence: Automatic Decisions in Catalonia
The report AI: Automatic Decisions in Catalonia, was presented on the 5th of Febrary
International Day of Women and Girls in Science
The International Day of Women and Girls in Science is the 11th day of February. Karina Gibert and Nuria Castell, IDEAI members ,have participated.
Roundtable on "Women in Tech: An inclusive approach"
Next Tuesday, February 25th two IDEAI members will be participating in the roundtable around the topic of Women in tech. This event was part of the 4YFN.
Fòrum Hipàtia: "La re-evolució econòmica i social de les dones"
Next Tuesday Karina Gibert will participate in a round-table organised by Fòrum Hipàtia. She will talk about Feminism: Challenges and Threats.
Analysis of Gender Bias studies in Natural Language Processing
Last Wednesday, February 26th, Marta R. Costa-Jussa gave a talk about Gender Bias in NLP as part of the AI4EU web café sessions.
UPC presents "AI in 10 minutes"
The UPC is releasing a set of short videos to explain the basic concepts of Artificial Intelligence and its applications.
SORS: Bias on the Web
Ricardo Baeza-Yates is giving a talk about bias on the Web, detailing the different types and how to deal with them.
AI: Ethics, industrial and gender challenges
Karina Gibert is giving a talk this March 5th about Artificial Intelligence and the ethical challenges that industry will face.
Talk in Mobile Week about AI and its impact in society
Karina Gibert gave a talk during the Mobile Week about Artificial Intelligence.
8-M: 10 suggestions from donesCOEINF for gender equity
Under the umbrella of Women's day, donesCOEINF has proposed some suggestions towards gender equity.
Hackovid: citizen hackathon to face confinement
Cafè & Tech - UPC
Karina Gibert participates in the Cafè&Tech - UPC explaining how AI could help with COVID-19.
SIT & TIC Talks
Conversations about e-confinement
The project between IDEAI-UPC and iSocial to characterise the impact of COVID-19 on Catalonia's Social Services.
Two IDEAI members are elected for the COEINF board
Bachelor's degree in Artificial Intelligence
FIB approves the curriculum for new degree in AI.
COVID-19 and
Two IDEAI members publish a couple of articles in talking about COVID-19 from different perspectives.
A Deep Vision of Lifelong Learning Multilingual Machine Translation
Marta Costa-Jussà is giving a seminar on October, 27th 12pm